Presbytery Committees


This Committee is responsible for:

  • ordering the business of Presbytery. 
  • Giving space for Committees and Teams to understand what…
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Community Responsibility

This committee is mainly concerned with the disadvantaged in society. We seek to

  • Challenge inequality and social injustice
  • Provide…
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This committee provides ongoing support to Ministers, OLM, Auxiliary Ministers, Deacons, Readers, MDS and locally employed staff

Mission Plan Implementation

Furthers the mission of Jesus Christ through the work of congregations by  implementing the approved Presbytery Mission Plan, enabling strategic…
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Mission Plan Review

Conducts an annual strategic review of the Presbytery Mission Plan in terms of the Presbytery Mission Plan Act, normally reporting…
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This committee is responsible for:

  • Making nominations to Presbytery Committees
  • Making nominations to other Presbytery posts to be undertaken…
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This Committee works in partnership with Congregational Fabric Conveners and the General Trustees and is supported by Michael Dinnes, Buildings…
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This committee meets as required and has responsibility for

  • All personnel matters for employees of Presbytery
  • Duty of care…
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Stewardship and Finance

​​​​​This committee deals with financial matters concerning Presbytery and Congregations through

  • Reviewing congregational accounts prior to their submission to…
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This forward-thinking committee helps Presbytery to fulfil its duty of providing general pastoral oversight and superintendence of congregations but it…
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World Mission

This committee primarily:

  • Promotes the work of the Church of Scotland overseas
  • Relates to Assembly Committees
  • Encourages congregations to…
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This committee encourages development within worship, acting on specific remits from the General Assembly, to