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What is a Padlet?Published 25 Jun 2021

What is a Padlet? Click to enlarge

Part of my job is all about sharing information with lots of different people. This can sometimes be a challenge ensuring you get the relevant information to the right person and that people know what resources are available.

Social media can help with this, but as we all know not everyone has a social media presence or even looks at their profiles every day – unlike me!

I had to find a mechanism where I could share information with people that would stay updated even when I added new information to it. After much research and searching someone sent me a link to a Padlet. This Padlet had lots of different information and websites links on it. I did some more research and found that Padlets was what I was looking for!

To explain, a Padlet is a bit like an online notice board. I am able to ‘pin’ websites, documents and pictures to the online notice board. I am also able (with a small annual fee) have as many online notice boards as I would like. The best thing is that no matter how many times I update them, the link I post, or send to you, will always open the most up to date version. Now I just need to set them up and keep updating them!

So far, I have Padlets all in different areas of children, family and youth ministry. I also have a Padlet on Climate Justice resources for churches.   

I will post the link for each Padlet below which will allow to look at the Padlets that are most relevant to your interest or area of work.

Climate Justice resources for Churches:

Family Ministry resources: 

Sharing our Faith Around the World:

Mental Health & Wellbeing:

Youth Ministry resources:

Children Ministry resources:

Lent & Easter resources:

These Padlets are working documents with new information being added to them as I see it. If you also see resources or information that would be of use to others and is not on the Padlet, let me know and I can add it!

Hope you find these Padlets useful to you and your ministry!

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