Learning and Nurture

What We Do

What we do

This committee works to enable people of all ages to grow in faith by

  • Planning and promoting events to help people grow in faith
  • Supporting the Youth Development Co-ordinator and Volunteer Development Co-ordinator
  • Promoting and allocating specific grants


The Learning and Nurture Committee are eager to hear from Elders so that we can plan support and training opportunities. We are asking ministers to add an agenda item to a Kirk Session meeting to discuss the survey for which a link is provided. It is hoped that we will be able to gauge better what Elders feel they need, and plan accordingly so your assistance would be greatly appreciated. If your Session is on email you may feel that to send it round the Elders ahead of your meeting would be helpful. In any case we are hoping for a good response! 

If you could complete the survey by the middle of January at the latest it would allow us to discuss the findings at our meeting on January 21st. That would allow us to report to February Presbytery. Thank you in advance for your help with this.




Paul Cathcart

Mr Paul Cathcart

Helen Sturrock

Mrs Helen Sturrock