About Moodiesburn

20 Blackwood Crescent


, G69 0EN
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Moodiesburn Parish Church launched on Sunday, 12th January, 2020.

In one sense we are a brand new church, in a new parish within the Church of Scotland. We are your new ‘local kirk’. In another sense, we have been around for years, as it was over 50 years ago that Moodiesburn Hall was built on the site in Blackwoods Crescent.

Moodiesburn Hall grew out of Chryston Parish Church. It was a centre for activity in the community, and a place for worship – first on Sunday evenings, and then since 1994, every Sunday morning. In 2003 the new distinctive circular hall was built, and the wooden hall replaced after a fire. The church has grown, and the community of Moodiesburn has grown too. That’s why the Church of Scotland decided to launch a new parish, as it is the best way to allow the church to continue to grow, flourish and serve the people of Moodiesburn.

Ours is a good news story. Good news for the church. Good news for the people of Moodiesburn.

Rev Mark McKeown
Charity No.
CofS No.
Worship Times
Morning Worship – 10.30am