About Castlemilk

1 Dougrie Drive, Castlemilk

, G45 9NP
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Castlemilk Parish Church is a union of the two sister churches in Castlemilk - Castlemilk East and Castlemilk West. As times have changed, there was no longer a need for two Church of Scotland congregations and it was recognised that by uniting we would become stronger and better able to serve our community. 

We are at an exciting point, where we are ready to take a leap into a new chapter and write the next part of our history here in the parish. This is in keeping with Jesus' command to follow him, no matter whether it takes us off the beaten path, walking on water or climbing mountains. We can do all things through him who strengthens us!

Faith is about uncertainty in what is yet to come, but the certainty that Christ is beside us all the way. 



Vacant Rev Alasdair MacMillan (Interim Moderator)
Charity No.
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Worship Times
Sunday Morning – 10.30am