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We are a community of people who are followers of Jesus.  Our aim is love Jesus, love our community and love one another.

We are part of the Church of Scotland and we believe the traditional teachings of Christianity as revealed in the Bible.  These include:

There is one God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - who has made the world and is still in charge of the world He has made.

Humans have a unique place in God's world as we are made in His likeness.  However we all do things which are wrong and all bear our responsibility for the things that are wrong in this world.

We can all be forgiven by faith in Jesus who died and took our punishment so that our wrong is completely dealt with.

Jesus Christ is God but also fully human.  He was born of a virgin, lived without doing wrong, died but rose again and ascended to be with His Father.  One day he will come to judge the world and to establish His kingdom.

God is at work in the world through the Holy Spirit.  It is He who points people to Jesus and who changes people so that when they follow Jesus they are enabled to be more like Him.

The Bible, consisting of the Old and New Testaments, is God's word and is the final word in all matters of belief and behaviour.

The Church is made up of all Christians throughout the world.  The church has been given the job of bringing the Good News of Jesus to all the world.

About Blairbeth Building

​Kirkriggs Avenue

, G73 4LY

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Rev William Wilson
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Sunday Morning – 10.30am