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Historical Directory to Glasgow Presbytery

A Concise History of our Congregations

The Historical Directory to the Presbytery of Glasgow is a guide to the history of our congregations and parishes.   It was compiled by Very Rev Dr Andrew Herron and completed in 1984.   From that time, this enormous body of work remained as a few typescript copies until 1999 when a CD-ROM version was made.   The editor, Rev Dr Neil Simpson, converted the text and added photographs and images of many of the churches listed, but the information was by this time seriously out-of-date.   In 2003 Mr Andrew Wale, a member of Presbytery, was asked by the Communications Committee to look into revising the text, and to consider the best way of publishing a new edition.   After discussion, he decided that the best way of making the text widely available would be to add it to the then newly-created Presbytery website, but that there was little point in doing so unless the information was current.   Between 2003 and 2006 Mr Wale meticulously updated the information to include more than two decades worth of changes.   This included creating new entries for charges which came into existence after 1984, collecting information about current parishes (to cover unions, linkages and dissolutions after 1984) and reviewing the movement of ministers and any significant changes to church buildings. 

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