Strategic Planning

What We Do

This committee’s primary purpose is to allocate resources strategically across Presbytery in a way that has mission at its heart and enables a sustainable future for the Church within the Presbytery bounds. We do this by

  • Reviewing the current plan, adapting where it is both appropriate and opportunity allows
  • Developing creative planning solutions that can work within the current frameworks, including applying for and developing new initiatives.
  • Reviewing the roles of MDS, OLMs, Readers and Locally Appointed staff and deploying OLMs and Readers
  • Working closely with Ministers, Kirk Sessions and Congregations and Presbytery staff to negotiate adjustments and new initiatives


Useful Information

Presbytery Plan

The Presbytery Plan is a living document that needs to be adaptive to the changing circumstances within the Presbytery and responsive to planning decisions taken at General Assembly.  Each year, therefore, we aim to look at different sections of the Presbytery Plan to determine whether the plan can be improved or needs to be amended.


Stuart MacGill

Mr Stuart MacGill

Mark McKeown

Rev Mark McKeown