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Four Projects

These projects enjoy a special relationship with the Presbytery of Glasgow.  While Glasgow the Caring City is an independent charity with which Presbytery has a strong affinity, but no recognised financial ties, to varying degrees we have a more direct relationship with the other three projects.  Congregations within Presbytery have forged special links with the projects and continue to offer both practical and financial support.  More help is always needed, though.   Find out more by clicking on the project name below.

Church House

Church House Bridgeton is an integrated Family Support Centre, seeking to help children, young people and families in the Inner East End of Glasgow to find fullness of life, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and socially through recreational activities and informal education.  It is closely associated with Bridgeton St Francis in the East Church.

Glasgow the Caring City

Glasgow the Caring City responds with compassion and humanity to disasters and relief efforts throughout the world, as well as providing support to causes closer to home.  From Afghanistan to Sri Lanka and Sudan to Manhattan, the charity's core value is a simple one - to provide help where it is required with no political motive.  The Caring City provides care, help and love to the most fragile and destitute at home and around the world.

Lodging House Mission

The Lodging House Mission (LHM), established in 1907, provides support to Glasgow's homeless, hostel-dwelling and resettling communities.  Services and facilities today include a drop-in centre for information and advice, an education and activity programme, an internet cafe and church community.  LHM offers a holistic service, caring for the physical, emotional, practical and spiritual needs of each individual.  Thanks to volunteer teams from congregations throughout Presbytery working with LHM staff and exisiting volunteers, from December 2016 LHM has been able to begin Saturday opening.

'The Well', Multicultural Advice Centre

'The Well' is a drop-in information and advice service, in particular serving the Pollokshields and Govanhill areas.  Staff and volunteers deal with a variety of issues from help with completing benefits forms to liaising with utility companies or simply providing a listening ear.  It is uniquely placed to build bridges between communities who might otherwise never interact.

Tue 10 September at 7pm
Govan & Linthouse Parish Church
Govan Cross, 296 Govan Road
G51 2YL

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