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Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Committee furthers the mission of Jesus Christ through the work of congregations by the development and strategic deployment of resources for Christian worship, witness, community service and outreach.   

  • Implements the Presbytery Plan through Readjustment as the opportunity arises.
  • Operates under the Acts of the General Assembly regarding Appraisal and Adjustment. 
  • Carries out an annual review of the Presbytery Plan and reports to Presbytery on this (December). 
  • Liaises with the Property Committee on the strategic implications of congregational applications to carry out work on church buildings.
  • In consultation with the Ministries Committee where appropriate, recommends the strategic deployment of Readers, Ordained Local Ministers and Auxiliary Ministers, with appropriate job descriptions, in accordance with the Presbytery Plan.
  • In partnership with local parties and the Ministries Council, draws up job descriptions for Ministries Development Staff, to be presented to Presbytery for approval.
  • Recommends to Presbytery the approval of locally employed mission workers.
  • Reviews parish boundaries as required, negotiates any necessary changes with local parties, and presents these to Presbytery for approval.

Tue 10 September at 7pm
Govan & Linthouse Parish Church
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