Church of Scotland

Presbytery of Glasgow

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The Committee is responsible for:

  1. Making all nominations to posts requiring to be filled by members of Presbytery on behalf of the Presbytery (except as provided elsewhere in Standing Orders).
  2. Ensuring that future conveners are: nurtured through the committee process; grounded in the work of the relevant committee; cognisant with the appropriate regulations and rules. 

The Nominations Committee has five members (two Ministers, a Deacon and two Elders).   At least one member retires each year and may not be re-appointed within two years.   The Convener chairs only this committee, but may be a member of any other committee.   The Committee consults Conveners of all Presbytery's Standing Committees after the close of the General Assembly in May of each year, and brings nominations for the next year's committee's to the June meeting of Presbytery.


Tue 10 September at 7pm
Govan & Linthouse Parish Church
Govan Cross, 296 Govan Road
G51 2YL

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0141 332 6606
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