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The Church of Scotland traces its roots back to the beginnings of Christianity in Scotland, but its identity is principally shaped by the Scottish Reformation of 1560.   Its current membership is about 12% of the Scottish population - although many more Scots and descendants of Scots in other countries claim some form of allegiance to it.

The Presbytery of Glasgow is the largest Presbytery in the world, and currently contains just over 130 parishes.    This includes churches in deprived inner city areas, the city centre, suburbs and outlying towns and villages.   Its primary function is to exercise a leadership role which will enable and support congregations in their calling to be the people of God in their own area.   It promotes and co-ordinates strategies for mission and service to the community; looks after resources (people, buildings and money); exercises a ministry of encouragement, supervision and pastoral support of congregations and staff; promotes a deeper fellowship within Presbytery with other local churches and the world church; develops positive links with external bodies, including local authorities; and carries out the business of a Court of the Church.

Tue 10 September at 7pm
Govan & Linthouse Parish Church
Govan Cross, 296 Govan Road
G51 2YL

Contact us:
0141 332 6606
260 Bath St, G2 4JP
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