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Osiligi Maasai Warriors to visit Scotland - September 2017

The Osiligi Warriors, a seven-piece Kenyan Maasai group, regularly visit the UK to perform in schools, churches and theatres. They perform authentic and exciting tribal song and dance with audience participation for their celebrated jumping. A question and answer session is included, making each performance educational as well as entertaining.


Scottish churches have, in recent years, been extremely supportive of the Osiligi Maasai Warriors. Funds raised from UK performances  have enabled the group not only to support themselves and their extended families, but also their local community, constructing new water stations, a church/community centre, a medical centre, an orphanage and a primary school (currently 200 sponsored children) in their home village.   All this has been achieved in the last six years in association with Osiligi Charity Projects.

The group returns to Scotland in September 2017 and is looking for performance venues. Churches hosting a performance will pay no financial guarantee, simply splitting door takings on a 70/30 basis in favour of the performers. Publicity material is supplied. Each performance lasts around 1 hour 45 minutes and includes a sale of Maasai beadwork plus a Powerpoint/DVD presentation showing community achievements.

If your church/organisation is interested, click hereto contact the tour manager Jim Wilkie for more information.

Tues 11 December 2018
Springburn Parish Church
180 Springburn Way
G21 1TU


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