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This committee deal with all personnel matters relating to employees of Presbytery and has a duty of care towards these employees.   Other than as provided for below, it has delegated power to deal with all matters pertaining to the recruitment, retention, training and dismissal of staff.   It's the duty of the Staffing Committee to ensure that all employees are issued with contracts of employment in appropriate terms and to administer these contracts.

It also determines those employees who are to be line-managed by the Presbytery Clerk and those who are to be line-managed by some other person.

The Convener of the committee will line manager the Presbytery Clerk, and will be the person with whom all disciplinary matters, formal grievances and complaints by/against the Clerk shall initially be raised.   Recruitment of a Presbytery Clerk shall be in accordance with Standing Orders.

The Staffing Committee consists of five members of Presbytery, including at least one Minister and one Elder, and one member with expertise in personnel matters and/or employment law.   If the committee feels itself lacking in such expertise it shall, if possible, co-opt individuals with the necessary expertise from outwith Presbytery and shall seek appropriate professional advice, normally from the Church of Scotland Law Department, on matters arising.

This committee make appropriate reports of all decisions and issues under consideration to the next meeting of Presbytery, bearing in mind the need for confidentiality when dealing with certain staffing matters.


Tuesday 11th September 2018

at 7pm

Sprinburn Parish Church

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